Got another stroker motor for sale...


Boost is good.
Want to make it to Bowling Green on time with a TSM competitive motor?:D

I found a deal on another all original GN that I can't refuse. Since I'll never finish my 87 the way I want to, I figured I'll just buy another car to satisfy my craving and put an end to all my madness. I'm just tired of dumping money into a car that won't even move. Time to change priorities.

This is a freshly rebuilt Weber Racing 109 stroker shortblock. Bryan will probably kill me for doing this! It is currently listed on ebay. The motor just needs heads and an intake. I actually have a set of stock untouched iron heads and a stock untouched intake I can throw in the deal. All the details are listed on ebay:

eBay Motors: NEW Buick Grand National Stroker Shortblock Engine (item 260370441939 end time Mar-11-09 22:48:43 PDT)

My reserve is currently $8,000 but I'm willing to go lower if someone gives me a good offer. Local pickup preferred. If paying other than cash, it has to clear before you come pick the motor up. Any questions, please ask. Please no peanut gallery comments in this thread, only people who are interested in buying the motor. Thanks.
$7,000 takes it...gotta have money for the new car I'm getting!!!

If you plan to bid on it via ebay, the reserve price is set at $6,000 and I am not going any lower than that. But I will take the first person who offers me $7K for it.
Apparently someone told me I'm asking way too much for this motor. OK fine, I just put the reserve to $1,000. Highest bidder wins. Happy bidding. Guess we'll see who is serious about buying this motor:rolleyes:
My DLS stroker motor I had was $13K

Is that a complete motor or a short block?
Weber or DLS I'm confused? Who built this short block?
The one I am selling now is from Weber Racing. It is a shortblock only. The DLS motor I used to have was a complete longblock with intake. Yeah I know, I'm one of those guys who doesn't know what to do with their car, throws money at it like nothing, and then somehow can never finish the project, gets pissed and then sells everything. But at least now I'm getting another stock car out of it:tongue:
Please NOTE! If anyone wants a copy of the two build sheets I have for this motor, I have them scanned and can email them to you. I posted pictures on ebay but they didn't turn out right. My email address is Thanks.
Here are some bigger and better pics of everything. I forgot to mention the motor has a new LT1 starter on it. Don't mind the surface rust on the block deck. WD40 cleans it right up. It's just because of the temp change around here and the motor has been sitting for a month or so. It has fresh 30 weight oil in it (7 qts).






Bryan told me it will handle mid 9's with a great tune all day long. So whatever horsepower that takes (probably 700-800). :D
I noticed some as$hole complained about your reserve. What a douche bag. Maybe he should get a real job so he can make real money needed to pay for an engine like that.
I noticed some as$hole complained about your reserve. What a douche bag. Maybe he should get a real job so he can make real money needed to pay for an engine like that.

LOL! exactly what I was thinking...what a frickin moron