Got my bullet back!

...and heading to the track Saturday for a few easy 5500 rpm passes before letting it fly on Sunday. The new combo includes 12.2:1 Wiseco flat tops, a Schneider .600"+ solid roller, and a 4000 rpm converter. WIsh you guys could see the grin on my face !! GB
Congrats and welcome back.

Let us know what she run's.
Good weather , I wish I was there.
Showing potential...

Saturday's first pass - shifted at 5500, car nosed over in high gear so I backed out to a 13.77 @ 85mph. Second pass - raised the rear float level and added some jet - launched well, banged the shifter at 6500, hit the rev limiter at second or third gear...burnt trans! On a good note, both 60 ft's were 1.79... previous best was 1.84. Looks like it'll go 12.60's. Anyone out there have a fresh TH350 to spare? GB