Got my Ford intercooler today!

cool 84

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May 27, 2001
I hope I'm not in over my head. This thing is huge. It looks bigger than my radiator. I'll be home in a couple hours to see how it fits and I will post the early results. I already have the bumper, grill, and most of the front end off. I'm still worried about the CFM rating on it since it's only 2" thick. This thing is also very light. Probably as light as the stock tiny 87 intercooler. I'll post how it fits in a couple hours.
I test fitted it and it's tight but it fits. Had to remove the bumper shocks. Not sure how I'm going to run the tubing around the radiator yet but it's dark now so that will have to wait until tomorrow. One thing for sure is the front end MUST come off. I haven't spend more than 30 minutes on it yet but it looks like it can be done in a day if all the plumbing was available.
Let us know how it goes cool84, I'm sure if you have some success that will impact a lot of people in the hotair community... I know I'll be one of them!

My concern about the intercooler is how much cutting and modification of the car will have to be done to fit this bad boy in, so don't leave out any details :)

As far as flow is concerned, people over in the general tech area seemed to get amazing results with it, and *apparently* it's one of the best and most efficient intercoolers out there. Also, since it was from a disiel truck, they often push TONS of psi of boost (50psi I've even heard on some), so I'd assume it flows excellent.

Good luck to ya. Look forward to hearing your results.

What kind of Ford did you get it off?? What size engine?
So far it looks like the only cutting required is to the core support. Two holes need to by cut or ground for the pipes to go through. The other modfication that will need to be made is the bracket that the top of the grill bolts to will have to be modified to clear. Other than that it looks pretty straight forward. We'll see how it clears when I go to put the front end back on. I really haven't gotten into it much yet. Still waiting for the weekend for the real work. This thing is incredibly light. It's lighter than my old spearco unit that's not even half the size. I guess it's the plastic end tanks.

Gibbs, it's from a 99-00 Ford powerstroke diesel truck. Ford said it will be a regular stock item by next week so it won't have to be ordered.