got pics of TTA's with 17's?


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Nov 24, 2001
does anyone have some photos of TTA's with different rims?

i really want to take off my stock wheels and tires and bolt on a set of 17' roh zs wheels-- anyone got pic of a tta with these wheels?
any other wheels ya'll like on a tta with 17's?
what sizes would fit the best? 17x9.5 in the rear?
The only wheels that I have ever seen on a 3rd gen T/A that looked as good or better than the stock ones were 15" centerline convo-pro's or weld drag lites (both look good, prefer the centerlines) and every set of rims that were just for looks looked like crap IMO and I wouldnt be caught dead with them on my car.
i put the draglites from my limited next to the tta to see what they would look like-
i just didnt like the polished wheel look--
i think im looking for a satin finished wheel with a poished edge
just saw a gn with 18's that looked like the tta wheel.hmm

im just wanting to store the 12,000 mile wheels and tires before i burn up the original tires