Got the ta-49 on and cars running good


Turbo Happy
Nov 19, 2002
Finally got the car together enough to take it for a test spin.
All I can say is WOW this is gonna be a fast car. That turbo whistles so loud, I actually am running it down the road with an open down pipe and the turbo screams over that! Totally Awesome!
My newest toys I just bolted on this winter were-ta49:D Lucas 42.5lbers, bored out throttle body, 2.5 atr dp, oh yeah, and that ever cool deal gtech was offering on their old performance meters. Haven't tried it yet though, need my cigarette lighter plug for the turbolink right now.
Now I need some good looking rims, I was thinking getting newer GN stock wheels, but I think I might go with some 15x8" Weld rodlites to fit some nice 275/50 Nitto 555Rs on the back there to grab some more traction. All I saw today in the rearview from a standstill down my road were 2 nice looonnnggg posi marks:D
oh yeah, can't wait to get that alky kit together!
hey red, congrats!!! If I send ya a few bux, can you make me one of those neat adapters for the TA turbo. I am leaning toward the 52 with a 3000 stall converter, but I gotta wait and see about the tranny first. Where did you have your TB bored? I want to get mine done asap, but I have no idea where to go!!!
Please send me pics of your motor and all if you have them!
oh yeah, check out my web page...I added a new page and some updated pics!

I owe my dad a big thanks in this project. Lucky for me he has his own machine shop, (Just a couple miles down the road too!).
The way I went about mounting the Ta49 was starting out searching about every nook and cranny about how others did it. What I came up with was the intercooler hose clamped on wasn't the best choice. I saw a few threads about the hose melting or deteriating over time. Soooo, I had an extra hotair motor sitting here, all apart, I took the intake and I also had a stock hotair turbo compressor housing laying around and got measurements from the mount on the hotair compressor housing to the bottom of where the turbo sits in the intake.
Then I held the ta49 in place where the mount is on that, I had to fabricate the elbow that the intercooled cars use there to a straight pipe thread with a barb and used 2 nuts to sandwich the hotair mounting bracket on so it was centered. With the ta49 in that place, the bottom of the ta49 turbo is about flush with the top of the intake. Instead of chopping up a nice brand new $650 turbocharger, I decided on making my own hotair turbo adaptor for a intercooled turbocharger. The way this looks is instead of the turbo sitting over the adaptor, it actually goes into the adaptor. In order to do this though, I did have to smooth off the "nipple" end of the ta49 with a boring tool on my dads mill so a o ring would seal tightly around the outside of the turbo. I'm sure a intercooled car could still clamp a hose on if need be. No need to cut or weld anything this way.
Next I got measurements from the hotair turbo adaptor on the bottom side where the bigger o ring rides. That measures around 2 1/4". I was going to go with a 2 1/8" aluminum thickwall pipe, but there was not enough meat to secure the oring on there, so I got a piece of 2 3/8" billet aluminum and turned it down on a lathe to the same size as the original dimensions on the original hotair adaptor. Then bored it out to the inside intake dimension. Then we had to groove the new adaptor for the new o rings, and voila, test fit and done.
My dad was able to bore out my original throttle body to the inlet side of the new turbo(60MM), but that was a little tricky because it was a little bit offset from center of the turbo. He also made me an adaptor to staighten up the throttle body on the new turbo, if you don't have this, your tb will be way crooked. Also, when boring out a throttle body, theres one spot that will break through, but I was able to fix with some epoxy. If I were to do that again, I would have welded it up before boring it.
I don't have pictures of the parts. Man, I wish I did, lol, not looking forward to putting that turbo back on, That oil return line is such a pain in the @ss! I can get pictures of it mounted up as it is soon, gotta get my dads digital camera first.

I'm sure my dad wouldn't mine making more. We would need to come up with some pricing for the set(the turbo adaptor and throttle body adaptor) . We can also anodize these. You would also probably need to ship the turbo too.
Let me know if anyone would be interested in this.
Thanks for the replies!
I've got a few, but they are with it still installed on the car, pretty hard to see, I'll send them to your email if you want.
To build these adaptors, the most expensive part is making the new turbo's nipple end totally smooth and round so the o-ring will seal. Setup to do this is very expensive to do just 1 turbo (around $300) because it takes most of the day. It would be easier to do just the compressor housing itself but I do not want to be responsible to take the turbos apart and put them back together. This would be cheaper for you guys on shipping and labor. If I can get at least 4 turbos in it would definetly be cheaper because of the one time setup for all turbos at the same time. I'll have to get definite pricing yet for all the material and labor to do this job. If we get a few to do, we can make extra throttle body and turbo adaptors to have on hand but the turbo adaptors need to have a turbo with a smooth round end for the oring to seal. Its nice to have this setup because if you ever want to upgrade to a intercooled car or setup, this turbo will still work.
We can also bore out your throttle body to whatever size you want, I did mine to the 60mm opening on the ta49. (stock size was 57mm). I'm also thinking of making the vacuum pods that go on top of the tb out of billet aluminum.
Let me know if any are interested in this. Thanks
anyone else that wants pictures or has questions, just let me know, I'd be glad to email you.
Sent you an email racemybuick.
Thanks timberwolf, I'll send some pictures to ya, I will be ripping my motor down soon so I'll get better pictures then.
Thanks guys.
Looked at pics, very nice. Were you able to use the Hot air exhaust housing when you installed the TA 49? Thankyou. Norm.