Gotta stock GTP...what are some nice mods that I can do??


Mar 5, 2002
Just had a friend buy one with 75K miles on it. I was wondering what kinda parts that should buy to bump it up a little. Also if you can give me a website to maybe order some stuff from. Thanks:) is a grand prix forum

Stater mods would be a 3.4 supercharger pulley from the stock 3.8, 180 deg thermostat, one colder range spark plugs,Cold Air Intake, exhaust work, and an aftermarket PCM. With these mods I have run a 13.9 in the 1/4 from a 14.9 stock. Some cars will react better to these mods, with quicker times.
Some aftermarket sites are
hey thanks! I just wanted to play with something else for a while im just about done with a couple of TR's just wanted to hook this up and mess around. Last night there was a guy riding around in an Ls1 camaro in 2nd gear and he just thought he was the $hit. I wanna go bust his a$$ with this car. I sorda "ran" it last night it seems like once the car hits full boost it just falls off and quits pulling. How much more boost does that pulley add? And do I need to do anything with the fuel pressure when I do this??
That pulley will add about 20hp with a little help from the other minor mods. You don't need to mess with the fuel pressure until you are well into the 12's.

If you continue modding past the above list, 1.9 rockers help the car quite a bit at high end. You'll lose that falling on the face feeling. Of course, cams are getting very popular now.
3.4/fwi/dhp/colder plugs/stat that will get you started and give you a big difference in performance over stock that is what i have and even at 30 mph i can spin the tires easy. I am a maniac driver and plan to do more mods. I just picked up some used 1:9 Ratio INTENSE Rockers today, they are on there way in the mail now :)

Well anyhow you have to be careful with the transmissions with these gtp's I blew mine up and now I have borg warner high energy clutches, tweaked epc soleniod and the thrasher (transgo) shift kit set on medium. The stock computer really hurts the performance in stock form, once you get the dhp your shifts are at redline you get nice downshifts as well. Enjoy the car. Stock boost is putting out around 6 lbs of boost and with the mods that I have you should be putting out around 12 lbs of boost!
first think to mod is the exhaust. GM in all its wisdom made the second o2 sensor verticle. so right after your nice open cat it goes to a 1.5" u shaped tube then back to 2.25". replace that with a u-bend delete section from if you want to keep the o2. if you dont want the o2 buy a spoof and just use regular pipe. i got the spoof and replaced mine with a electronic cutout. i control the cutout from the cockpit almost like an afterburner. i change the diameter open with my rpm/mph. i also am running a 3.4 pully ported tb. tb spacer, drilled 180 stat, and colder plugs. on zzperformance in the tech area they list best mods/worst mods. but definitly first pull out the u bend. i also ripped the resonator out too but that was just for a little deeper tone.