Grand National Aluminum Production Wheels

I need to update my avatar that # is still good but call 252 825 3293 or you can do it on line You will have your customer ID. Your billing address & then your shipping address in the last field. In other words you can bill one place & ship to another.

I finally went and picked up my rims yesterday and WOW!!!!! These rims are beautiful, when I got home I pulled the old rims and tires off the car, took everything to the local tire shop so they could install my tires on the new rims and I am absolutely thrilled with this purchase!! Once again, thanks for making these new aluminum rims.

Here are two pictures of the car that I took yesterday afternoon, one with the old rims and one with the new rims.


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    Booick, November 15, 2012 001.jpg
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Guys that bought these repro wheels. I am going to order them soon but not sure if i should order 15x8 or 15x7 for the front. Does the 15x8 fill in the front wheel wells nice???
John Robertson sent me these pics of his 8" in front & 10" in rear set up today. WOW nice job John.
8 inches on front with 225/70/15 and 10 inches on back with 275/60/15
he bought these from us in BG & was nice enough to send us installed pics.
I have your original 15x10 and 15x7 steel chrome. I want 18x11 and 18x8 when available. Thanks for the frame notch kit!