Aluminum Reproduction Wheel Availability


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May 25, 2001
Ready to buy some 15x7 and 15x8 aluminum wheels for my car. I placed an order through GBodyParts yesterday but it turns out they're backordered and not sure when they will get more in.

I found the same wheels (I think) via Classic Industries, and they said they're in stock.

Does anyone know if there's a difference between the two items? (i.e. Is GBody's listing the same as buying separately from Classic?)

15x7 & 15x8
Grand National Aluminum Wheels Rims Full Set 15" x 7" and 15" x 8",

Id be willing to bet my lunch that the wheels offered at Classic Ind are from the same MFG as G-body parts, its even likely G-body parts supplies Classic Ind with the wheels. With our cars being a low quantity niche market I'd have a hard time believing two separate manufacturers are producing those wheels. Again just my hunch from working the last 25 years in manufacturing, and I could be wrong about all that.

Id give classic a call. Id bet they could answer the question of who the MFG us.

On a side note, I have the G-body repops and like them alot. Look great and fit well with a 275/65 on the rear 15x8.
Thanks for the sanity check! I figured that was the case. They even show the same wheel weight, same dimensions, and some of the same wording in the description.

Looks like the only big difference is GBody has the decals for the center caps, while Classic does not.

I'll pull the trigger later today. Have a great weekend.
I just bought a 15x7 a few weeks ago from Highway Stars for a new spare (a 35+ year old space saver is questionable). Beautiful finish and most would not be able to tell the difference from stock except experts on the cars. Came with cap, lugs and valve stem.
Put the P-6 decal on the cap and there ya go.
Like others said, no doubt they all come from the same manufacturer. Always buy from a good reputable supplier
like the ones we have here.
Went with Classic Industries. I was going to use Highway Stars but it looks like they're closed for the Nats.

Need to find the Power 6 decals, they're sold out or backordered at most places. Maybe Highway Stars will have them when they reopen on Monday.