*& Grand national loaded


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Jun 6, 2007
1987 GN





Many upgrades. very fast and runs great. Interior is excellent.
Ed Lucas
Galveston Texas
thank you for taking the time to talk to me about the car, hopefully i will be able to get down there soon to buy this beautiful car

when i talked to the owner he said the previous owner had it painted "black cherry" and i havnt run the vin yet but according to him it will come up as a gn
The VIN wont tell you squat. Get a picture of the trunk SPID and do your homework BEFORE you make the purchase. The code WE2 will denote Grand National, if this code is not on the label it is not a GN. If the label is missing you will have to decide to investigate further or move on. Good Luck

are any of them going to be areound tomorrow sat 15 Oct around 1pm? im going dowm to check this car out and was wondering if anyone wanted to meet up and look at it with me
Typically, I do not get involved in this kind of stuff, but, we all know Ed. :cool:
Ed is an old school, honest, no drama type of guy.
Many Buick Club members, myself included, have seen this car run the 11.6 at +100F track temps, a few years ago.

Following that single run, we have seen the car at some local club meets.
The trans and motor were build by a guy who has build a few +125MPH rides.

Not sure if many know this;
Ed’s home was destroyed by hurricane Ike and he had to start over. :mad:
He had enough chance/sense to save the two loves of his life; His wife and his car.
He moved the car FAAAR away, and I think the aftermath of the hurricane has taken a toll on him.

Wish he would refrain from selling, but fully understand.
Best of luck with the sale Ed.
What a nice car at a great price. Wish you were a little closer. I'd love to take a look at this car. If the owner or anyone who knows the car well, could send me more detailed pics, I'd appreciate it. Is the paint in good shape? How many miles are on the body? Who built the drivetrain? Thanks.