Great event coming to Memphis this May!


Jul 6, 2007
Drag racing both brackets and quick 16 heads up
Auto cross set up for bigger faster cars
Road course 1 full day
All in one event !!!
I've been twice send its a great group of guys and it's all kinds of cars even though it started years back as a f bod fervent.
I'm taking my Grand National for the first time this year and I
D love to have some Buick buddies show up .
You won't regret it !!!!
I'm in the Memphis area,Keep in touch and maybe get quit a few guys around here to go.Where will you be coming from?
Dang I should proof read my stuff posted off my phone !!!
Anyway if you want to have a ball and all the track time you can stand this is it. Or try auto x - road course.
I thought me work was going to prevent me from making it but I got time off approved yesterday. The event badly needs more folks to sign up to cover the bill do please sign up !! I ain't kidding this event rocks !
I'll be coming from south AR through little rock.
I might try to make that. Memphis in May from what I remember is pretty good anyway!