great show today at school for deaf and blind, met a fellow member

grass doctor

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Sep 21, 2018
had a wonderful day here in north Florida , 159 cars great to meet member blackgn231, we were the only two turbo Buicks there
met an old man who has turbo limited and a T-type we talked for a while, he has cancer and can't drive his cars right now but his wife brought him down to show, he is getting proton treatments here in Jax ,he said I made his day and it is really nice meeting someone who knows there stuff
wish him the best, wanted to share my story ,you never know who you are going to meet
thanks chuck its was great they have a special award for a boy that has been coming with MS he gets his pick of cars he picked a bad ass pantera today, they really support charity and have alot of heart, donated all the 50/50 back
my buddy next to me got the vote on his 68 road runner 440 punched out to 512 plum crazy paint beautiful he still has his shift light and nitrous when he used to drag it till he kept breaking stuff haha
you ever down here hit me up, great people