A Toast to Those Who've Gone and for Those Who Remain ..


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Jul 8, 2005
Hi guys. It was four years ago today that my wife left me after losing her battle with cancer. I just came in from meeting her family for a remembrance supper. (I say supper because that's what it is in NC, it would be dinner elsewhere.) We're still close, after all they are still family. It was a good get together and we enjoyed the evening but on the way home, the sadness started creeping back in hard. Most days are pretty good now, but there are still occasionally those that aren't. Obviously today is one of those. I'm not much of a drinker but I need one today. As I sat here and cracked the cap, it occurred to me that although I am alone, I am not by myself. So, for anyone in the Buick Turbo family who has lost a loved one, a toast:

To those who have gone before and the life with us they shared, for those who were left behind and the burden of loss we bear. May they have peace until we see them again one day and for us who remain, may the good days to the bad outweigh. Salute.
Salute !! Lost my dad 2 yrs ago on the 16th ...... We were real close and I still lay in bed at night thinking of him .
Very sorry to hear about both of yours guys loses.May God give you the strength to get through this difficult time.If anyone needs to talk I’m here
Lost my mom as a teenager to cancer. She never got to see anything I accomplished. I've never gotten over her loss.
My condolences to all.

"they" same time heals all wounds. it doesn't. We just continue to persevere, trying to make the best of each day...

thankful for the time together...cherishing the memories...having the permanence to live strong.
Lost my mom as a teenager to cancer. She never got to see anything I accomplished. I've never gotten over her loss.
Our son was 19 and our daughter was 16 when their mom passed. It has been difficult for them for so many reasons. My wife did get to see our son graduate high school, but she wasn't there for our daughter's prom, her graduation, or her first real boyfriend. :(
The last 12 months lost my Dad and almost 1 year to the day my brother. I had a heart attack in April. Its been a hell of a year...
If its toaught me anything is to live.. its what brought me here. Been saving my whole life and its time to get a few toys to enjoy. I go to bed some days no knowing if I will wake up so I can really appreciate the feeling of the the OP