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Hey all - hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. I miss you all and due to lack of Facebook it seems I can't play in the MAGNA reindeer games, so figured I'd come here and check in. I'm doing ok although like most going a little stir crazy. I've been working at home since the first/second week of March, and since then I've put less miles on my daily driver than I would have in ONE DAY, hell just one round-trip to work! It's been weird including the daily in my weekly start-the-cars routine. In the mean time I've been doing work on my house and trying to learn some new stuff, like what a "stove" and "vacuum" is and stuff.

Thankfully being here in Western burbs, I've been able to take the Buick for rides around to get out of the house for a bit; socially distanced and all of course.

Not sure if there's any plans to do an online meetup, but if so please shoot me an invite!

I miss you guys! I'll hopefully call a few of you this week.

-- Jeff / Bags Hed / Gnetic86
Same been working around the house painting, working in my garage, I finally bought a lift and don’t have anybody to help install the top support beam. Did some framing in the upstairs garage rooms. I love my new Metabo framing mailer.
Actually did some gardening this Saturday. In the process of POR15 my new GN project the floor needs some help. Got to start the suspension and brakes soon on that. The one good thing about driving during a pandemic is there isn’t much traffic on the roads. So I’ve been running my Dodge a lot down 202 faster than I should be! Unfortunately traffic has been picking up cause people can not sit in their houses like they should. I still have to hit the post office and ups store once a week to keep my work mail going out. IRS still has us working but from home!

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