Greetings from Texas!


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I'm not a Buick owner but have a 200-4R in my 69 Camaro and wanted to join here as there's no better forum for 200-4R info... plus you gotta love Turbo Buicks!
Thanks guys.

How much HP are you guys making out of these V-6's? I mean, reliable street driven HP... not at the bleeding edge of reliability.
Welcome aboard Brad. I'm just south of you in Hillsboro. The engine can be made to handle 1200 or so HP if you're willing to spend the cash. As far as street HP It's not hard to make 500 if you know what you need to do. bison has made 600 without any issues but these cars are more about torque than HP. These engines make a huge amount of torque compaired to a chevy size for szie.
Welcome to the site. Would love to see pics of your old Cheby if your able. Many of us here own first gen Cameros too.

My car puts down over 500 HP to the wheels on 91 oct gas and alky inj. It's gone 10.87 @ 122 mph. Has cruise, air, and is very streetable for around town or long trips. It gets just over 20 mpg on the highway and is very dependable and quiet.

Mike Barnard