Grill springs?


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I read that if you can push the bottom of your grill in and out, the springs that hold it have fallen off. Does that mean "fallen off" as in "still attached to the car but not connected where they need to be" or "fell off on the road somewhere and you need to buy new ones".

Anyone know? Appreciate it. :cool:
most likely fallen off and are gone. trust me, you can tell if you have no springs. its totally obvious. if i were you, id go to the hardware store, and fabricate your own. the stockers arent worth the price people are asking for them. theyre just some stupid springs. but because theyre 'grand national' springs (thanx to ebay) theyre now wonderously worth 3 times as much. make your own.
go to autozone and go to help section they have an assortment spring bag it costs 4 bucks looked like they had some that would fit, might need to bend one end to fit on corners of grill where ya see a notch for the spring, the other side goes into the inner bumper near front of grill.
Try Ace Hardware @ Harlem and Foster. They have an excellent selection of hard to find stuff. We purchase black phosphate flange head bolts there for our restorations. Also, Len's Ace Hardware in Addison, IL (Lake St. and Addison Rd). Len is a Mopar fanatic and has the best selection of hardware I've ever seen. If all else fails I'd just bite the bullet and buy the GM springs although as mentioned, E-bay has driven up the price.
Just go to the boneyard if you want some originals. All 83-87 Regals used the same springs on the grill. You get them for about nothing. I think they are around $20 each from GM. They might even be discontinued now. I used some zip ties to secure mine to the bumper to prevent losing them in the future.

Alright I'll try the Ace Hardware idea. So the springs go at the bottom corners of the grill? I'll probably be able to tell where they go when I look, I just haven't looked yet.
grille springs

If you slide a #6 or #8 fender washer over the hook that goes into a hole in the bumper reinforcement and then put a glob of liquid rubber or silicon between the washer and the reinf., and push the washer rearward. the spring can't fall off onto the road once this sets up . It's captured :rolleyes:
I've found out that lost springs can be replaced with some springs found under seats which are part of the seat track mechanisms. Go to a junkyard look in several cars and and get yourself a few ones...for almost nothing...

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