Grudge Race 01 Regal LS /SC vs Chevy Vega wagon


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Sep 28, 2001
We are set up to race next weekend, I gave him 3 weeks to get his car ready now he is getting cold feet.

He is having to rebuild the carb right now and is suppose to be the last thing he needs to get ready.

350 Vega probably around 250-275hp and weighs 2400 lbs.

Now he is whining louder than my SC. lol Complaining I have a blower, I told him your 350cu to my 231cu I'm only running 8lbs of boost

He is on a 24.5X7 slick and I'm on DR's

Who do you think wins?
I think I have him covered and I think he knows it too. I think he might be a low 8.20-8.30 in the 1/8 while my SC Regal is 7.90-8.00.
And I'm more experienced on the track than he is.
Experience and track tuned will always be an advantage. Lol
Doesn't turbo Lou take off on the 2nd yellow?
My take on that is, he's so senile, that his reaction times are way too slo. Thus, he has to leave on the 2nd yellow.
Redliting, in his mind, is not cheating. :LOL:
Thanks. I believe mine was the '72 version of the Vega Panel Wagon. (Front end looked like a split bumper Camaro) Planned for a '64 327 & Muncie M20 trans swap. That's about as far as it went. Big dreams & teenager pockets.