03 supercharged Cobra Kill


Jul 4, 2004
Going to the store the other day in my Daily Driver Turbo T, TE-44 unopened motor, normal upgrades. Running 22lbs on 90 octane with Razors Alky. I see this Cobra in my review darting thru traffic to catch me.
We are in traffic and he gets next to me where we had some room but cars are up ahead, we punch off I pull him for a bit and then he starts coming frinken hard, then we have to shut down due to traffic ahead, you all know the number. I could tell his had a Shi@#$# load of power, this thing was a monster, what the hell did I just get myself into? This aint gonna be another one of these easy walk them down races, like it is most the time for our cars, I got a contender here! So now Im thinking strategy......, I got to get him from a dig if I am to have a Ice creams chance in Hell of staying with this monster.

To set the Stage here, I am Rolling my high 12's grocery getter guys. I have ran a 12.80 on my g meeter on the street to give you an idea of what I am driving.. not a monster but a good street cuzer. I have always had the opinion that If you have a solid 12 sec street car, you can beet 90% of the guys out there if you know your can and can do this on a street launch.

So on with the story, I get lined up with him at the next light, I can tell it is going to be "on like Donky Kong" so I reach down and hit my electric dump and open the exhaust (love doing that). This gives me
about 2 pounds of boost over my single shot muffler, plus the sudden change in the sound of the car distracts the other guy right before a launch. I build about 1 pound of boost trying to be conservative and not spin cuz I know a hole shot is my only prayer against Goliath!

Light turns green and I
Nail it but not to hard, thinking traction is King for this race here and now. I hook and then spin just a tad before going into second, hit second and pedal it all the way... Where is the mighty cobra? I catch a glimpse of him in the review off my quarter panel and he is fading, I can hear his blower whining over my open dump pipe. He is spinning! I can hear him peddling it...... To late it is over and over bad.. 6 car lengths and and still pulling without a chance of him reeling the Old Gray Turbo T that I found aging, neglected and in a snow bank 6 years ago...

I got the light flash from the guys so I pulled over to Talk, these kids new me from my Buick sport wagon that I run at the track. The Cobra was one I had seen run at a the track before. 10.90's at 125 is what she does... but not tonight guys... I think your 10 sec Cobra was a 13 second special tonight.

The moral of the story is you have to put it to the the pavement or it does not matter, Damn that Cobra had some power.. I could just feel it from the sound..