GTA Wheels-Can you change Color


My friend has a set of Gold GTA Wheels for sale. Can you take the gold off the wheels and repaint them black?? How much do you think???


I am doing the same thing,but instead of painting them,i am having the gold centers powdercoated black...then polishing the outers...:biggrin:
GTA wheels

I just purchased 4 GTA gold wheels off of ebay and I had them redone. I had the wheels stripped, centers painted base coat/clear black and the lip polished. $149 a wheel. They did a super job. This was at Metro wheel in Atlanta. Hope it helps

I purchased 4 fronts for (NEW) $500 with 245-50-16s a few years ago. I just purchased two used rear wheels for $165.

I talked to the local shop and the guy quoted me 109 each to refinish each wheel. He said it includes repair, repaint, and polish.