Guess the HP


Still learning!!!!!
Jul 25, 2006
Hello hello, should be getting my baby back at the end of this week. It has been a useless summer with the car in Edmonton getting the engine re-built.... It will be dyno tuned when I pick it up, so let the guesswork begin... Let me know what #'s you think she will produce...

Besides what's in my signature, here's what I've had done.

port/polished stock heads
double roller timing chain
210/210 cam
RJC girdle
replaced old SMC alky with Razors new progressive setup
custom chip by Campbell's
forged pistons .20 over
stock crank
stock manifold ceramic coated
poly motor mounts
of course all new valve train and gaskets.
ARP Stud/bolt setup

I'll post the results when I get the car.
i really have no idea but i figured id through a number at it;)
RWHP 492 TORQUE 567 lb/ft more with some good tuning probably
cant wait to be proved wrong!!!
Open dump and 27 psi, 11.3:1a/f: 518rwhp 632 rwtq. You did not give any compression numbers or if the converter will be locked before the car is run hard or if it will be locked once the turbo spools. Those things will make a big difference on the dyno reading. 10.80's@125mph. At 24 psi my guess is 487/605.
well, haven't gotten the car back yet :frown: just hope it's worth the wait. (Winter's coming up here)

I don't know what compression they are setting the car up at. prob around 25lbs boost, and I was thinking about setting up a lock up switch.

The shop guys were guestemating around 550 HP. Not sure if that's at the wheels, or crank.

They promised it back this upcoming friday, (the 5th).
Finally picked her up today! at a modest 22lbs boost, dyno'd at 459HP, and 498 ft lbs of tq. at the wheels. WAY more fun to drive now.... Too bad my season is almost over :frown:

Here's my old head gasket too.

View attachment blown hg2.bmp