Had no Start, found prob. check this.


My first troubleshooting on a GN was fun. Engine was crankin' but wouldn't fire. I could hear the fuel pump activate its initial 2 sec. pressure build with key turn. Checked spark but pulling a plug and grounding to block, looked good. Checked fuel pressure off rail, under 5psi, not good. Pulled air filter and fired engine up with carb cleaner, indicated fuel delivery issue. Pulled filters (set up with external pump with pre and post pump filters) and both were fine, cleaned em' anyways. Aw crap not this $350 SX fuel pump....By the way the fuel lines were bone dry when I removed the filters. Measured for initial voltage, it was present. BUT I was not getting the start/running voltage. Luckily I found a relay in the trunk that had been relocated from the engine area. Had my buddy bypass and short as I turned the key and WHAM, she fired right up. IT WAS THE DANG FUEL PUMP RELAY, check this sucker if you have an issue like me. I hope this was the issue and not something else that may have caused it.

I did however encounter something strange and maybe someone may know. After turning the engine a bit and not starting, every so often I would actually have to let the car sit because it would turn the next time. It's like it had a time out interval before I could attempt to start it again. Could the bad relay have had a Gnd or backfeed affect?