hallman boost controller help


Test Fit officianto
Dec 9, 2011
I'd like to think I am a pretty logical guy. This hallman boost controller has me stumped. I am trying to set initial WG opening at 20lb and work up from there. Here is a listing of what I have

Hallman pro remote boost controller
HD actuator
Compressed air with a spray gun regulator set at 20lb inline to the controller

Logic tells me that I turn up the compressed air to 20lb and adjust the MBC till I see the actuator move.

However there is a bleed weep hole on the actuator side to the MBC that appears to weep air???

Wtf. How can I accurately set waste gate actuation?
Think of it as a dynamic system not a static system which is what you are simulating with the air compressor. Initially the WG actuator is open to atmosphere and the check ball is blocking the compressor discharge pressure. This gives full closing force to the WG. When the compressor pressure reaches enough pressure to overcome the hallman check ball it sends compresser air to the actuator applying a closing force. Boost pressure will drop, check ball back on the seat, boost pressure comes back up. The small orifice is required to let the air pressure on the WG bleed off when the check ball closes back on the seat. It rapidly repeats this cycle, so the system continuously regulates, vise having a steady force applied. You have to trial and error while test driving to set it. Start low, work your way up.
Ok good thanks. Since my WG is adjustable should I adjust it to 1/8" out and Leave it there? That's gets confusing too since both "circuits per se" are able to be adjusted
1/8" is a safe place to start. If you get what you desire by adjusting the hallmen, then leave the rod at an 1/8". You can play with the rod if you need to fine tune. Along with setting boost - spool up and overshoot can be tuned. I have not used the hallmen in a while(T-Pro has boost control). You are running a LOT more turbo and motor than me, stating the obvious, take it slow and incremental.
First, imo, a HD actuator is only if you are planning to run 40+# boost. Put a standard actuator on there!

Also, measuring preload in inches is absurd.

Imagine you are running the "cracking pressure" of the wastegate that means the Wg will be just opening, and not really flowing any exhaust gas. So imagine low back pressure at normal boost levels so the WG poppet valve doesn't get any extra help to open the spring, but to regulate the boost the WG will need to open beyond "cracking" and it will possibly run more boost.

So assuming you want 24# boost, set the standard actuator to 12/13# (tuner style) without the MBC hooked up.. So, run it tuner style till you hit 12/13#...THEN, hook up the MBC and work it up from there to the mid 20's.

You want a LIGHT springs in the MBC and in the Actuator. You are gonna have spikes with heavy spring.
How much boost are you planning to run?

the notion that the ball+spring "controllers" should be set to your desired pressure is just wrong. They are not "controllers" they are "adjusters", They will hold back a few PSI, by creating a pressure drop. The bleed hole is necessary since some airflow is needed for it to work right.

see what the base PSI of the gate is on a test drive, then connect the hallman and go up a little at a time. If you want to preset it to some pressure, then set it so that it passes the number PSI of increase you want. Say your wastegate controls to 18 psi, and you want 20, set the hallman so that 2 psi will just barely start to flow thru it.

make sense?