Happy B-Day salvageV6!


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May 31, 2001
Just noticed it was your birthday too, didn't want you to feel left out with that Steve guy getting all the attention as usual. So even though you are probably out getting drunk somewhere(I hope), Happy Birthday!
Thank you very much, now I feel old. ;)

Glad and priveldged to be born on this day. :cool:

Eisenhower changed it to Veterans day from Armistace Day a year before I wuz born.

Thanks again, and thanks as always to the Veterans. :)
Yes indeed thanks to all the veterans, we appreciate you. Today was a good day, hope you had a good one salvage.:cool:
So Salvage, this makes you officially older than dirt, yes??

Happy Birthday! and also happy birthday to my oldest granddaugher! [and ironically, my 2nd ex-wife] -- And Steve Wood too???

(that's a lotta Scorpio's born on the same day!) :D
Happy Birthday Salvage....

Wow! you and Teve on the same day, what are the odds.

Wish you many more.

HappyBday Allen!! shoot, you were at the shop yesterday and I didn't know, would have gven you a piece of my cheese cake!!
He didn't make it Keith. ;)

Thanks again. :)

Need to go racing one more time.

Someone set up a track rental. :cool: :D
Happy belated Allen, (salvage) Man, I remember the first time you raced and now you are hard core.

Nov 11 was an ex girlfriend of mines birthday too. She was never in the armed forces but she sure was a veteran!:D
Happy Birthday Allan! Thanks for your help in solving the electrical problem. Never even talked to you until a week ago but you took your Time & Patience to help me. It was a good learning experience for me & also shows that you really try to help other board members when possible! Remember, age means nothing as long as you keep the spirit & passion alive! Enjoy! Thanks!
Thanks again everyone. :)

Mark I hope you are drinking plenty of water and skipping the coffee and soda at work.

Well you probably aren't doing that but you should be. :D

Hope you feel better now. :cool:

I think the fastest my WE4 ever went was when my brother called me at 3am to deliver him to the hospital in severe pain.

Thought he was dying. ;)

Yup, Kidney stones. They kept him there a week with them. Ultrasound the works....
HappyBday Allen!! shoot, you were at the shop yesterday and I didn't know, would have gven you a piece of my cheese cake!!

GEEZ, I brought him up to the shop, made him help me load wood at the Home Depot (and unload it) told him I couldn't stand b-day threads the day before, hung out all day today, and just come on here now and find out. I thought you looked especially older these past 2 days.;) Now i'm gonna wait till 2 days after my b-day to tell you. I woulda at least put a candle on your Popeyes chicken.
That chicken was good. :)

I woulda ate the candle I was starvin'.

I am the old quiet type. ;)

Loading wood is a lot easier than loading Stage II motors.