Hard start


The Green BEAST
So got the hybrid going. Only thing is it takes like 30 sec to start. But before is starts the fuel pump kicks in and it starts right up. Now after its running for a bit, I turn it of and starts right up. I am running 30 weight cause thats all I had at the time. I figured I would go to 10/40 when I changed the oil. I would assume that its taking longer for the oil pump to prime it up?

Am I thinking this is the problem? :confused:

Thanks for any imput you guys have.
Sounds like the fp relay is wired wrong or bad. The oil pressure switch bypasses the fp relay to power the fuel pump so that the car will still run if the relay goes bad. The fuel pump should prime immediately when you turn the key to 'on'. If the fp kicks in only after cranking for a while (oil pressure builds), then the problem must be in the relay circuit. Hope this helps.. :smile:

That makes sense, I will check that out. what would be the best way to test this setup? Checking the test wire and see if the pump comes on is only one I can think of. I will try replacing the fuel relay too and see if that works. Thanks for the info. :biggrin:
I checked to see if I had wired it wrong,followed the wire with a tester all the way to oil switch. Then I pulled the relay of and tested it there too, along with the test plug. The relay seems to work when bench tested it. I am getting power too from the ecm for 3-4 sec for the cycle. Pwr from the key too. I am thinking that maybe the relay is not getting contact, there is a bunch o black tar goup on it. I am going to order a new one, I think they are $7. If you have any other ideas I am open too them.

you could run a volt tester to the pump wires above the pump and this will tell you that every time you try to start the car you are getting the power to it and it is correct 12 volts and no less and also this will check the whole circuit involved with start up .
Here is a funny thing. I have not had time to fully tear into it but I use the test plug for the fuel pump and put 12v to that to prime the pump. After that its fine. Go figure