Has anybody got their buick Vs. ford @ noble dvd?

When is that going to be in 2011? I will be back in texas and love to get Fear to this event
or know how far away they are from having them done and shipping?

Dear "Happy Okie":

This is what I received today to my inquiry.

Phil, I appreciate your patience on the video, we are just about finished and should have it done this weekend and when its done, I will be contacting everyone about shipping. Thanks again for your interest and we will talk soon.

Thank you,

Phil Engle
It is finished

The dvd is freshly finished and packaged. If you've meant to have it as a gift for Christmas, and live in the OKC metro, shoot me an email at darkprincess at gmail dot com, and I'll do my best to get it to you tomorrow. The others will be sent out early next week.

Noble video

I have received my copy of both videos and I hope that some of you have received yours too.

I got the one from Kerry within a few days from ordering and Susun's came today.

Kerry's tape captured most of the races and you can hear the names of most of the racer's from the tower speakers in the background. Many good still shots of the cars in the pits and on the track. Think it is a little more than an hour long.

Susun's tape captured the spirit of the event with great attention to detail such as the driver's name are sub-titled on each race and all results are shown even if they had to be shown in a sub-title. All races were shown and were in order of occurance and many were shown from 2 different angles. This video is over 2 hours long and includes interviews with Jack Cotton and John Schmidt as well as many stills and moving pictures of actvities at the track. This tape was made by a professional group with a leader that has a great deal of history and passion for this event.

I sincerely want thank both Kerry and Susun for filming this event and making it available to us.
Got my shootout video today !! have been watching it and it is great!! A HUGE THUMBS UPS!! thank you very much to everybody that put the hard work into making this video happen!! hope there is another video made for the 2011 race!! if you didn't order a video you should no matter what team you were rooting for!!
Got mine yesterday! Can't wait to watch it. Maybe I'll get some much needed motivation for my winter list. ;)