Have a log file that somehow got corrupted


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Mar 17, 2016
Anyone have the ability to edit / repair a corrupted log file. I was logging when my car popped a vacuum line and backfired and i was interested in seeing the log readings at that point. when i opened the file, i can get to a certain frame and it crashes the pl.exe program It gives a fault trying to read an address xxx in pl.exe and just keeps spewing that block at an iteration speed of what i have the frames per second set at. I also tend to leave the record on for lengths of time as I am still figuring out the tune on my car. I would like to splice a section out and possibly post a section as opposed to posting a whole 30 minute (or longer) logfile, any way to edit? I am still learning the power logger as I just installed it so eventually will learn to use the triggers, but until then, i just keep logging from start up till shut down. Is there a max length before i will run into trouble reading a file? thanks for the help. Is there another forum that might be better at troubleshooting PL issues?