Have a MERRY Christmas!



Just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone Merry Christmas, hope everyone gets plenty of "goodies" for their rides! :)

And lets not forget the reason for the season!!!

A Christmas Poem

A woman rode a donkey in to a town far away.

Even though she was clearly with child, all the Inn-keepers told her to go away.

"Our rooms are full for you, a stranger. All that is left is that small manger."

And so she went, a man at her side, to take her where she would rest at night; reprieve from the long ride.

A babe was soon born, under the sky so dark blue.
They say he was sent here for people like me and you.

From far and near many people came to see,
the Savior child who was sent here for people like you and me.

There is more to this story, I am sure you are aware.

Upon his growth in to manhood, our sins he would bear.

Miracles and wonders would follow him from place to place.

A kind and loving heart he had, and a gentleness of face.

Our Christmas celebrations are not to fill our bellies,
nor are they for stuffing red stockings hung on fireplaces
with cookies and home-made jellies.

The day is not for wrapping gifts or hanging bright lights,
nor is it for playing in the snow and enjoying all the fancy sights.

When all these things are taken away,
the true sentiment of that one special day...
shines as brightly as that famous star;
the one the wise men and shepherds followed from afar.

Just as its light glowed from the night sky,
Christ's love still radiates to people like you and I.

So, sing, dance and celebrate,
but don't forget why our Lord is so great!

Share your love, and share it well!

Don't let it end after a day, but continue to tell!

Tell friends, relations, and strangers so dear, "This is Jesus' birthday!

Merry Christmas to you, and may you know his love all year!"

Doug C.