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Feb 18, 2005
I have a SBC 400 well built that I'm thinking of using for a Rat Rod project. Something that looks like hell but runs like a raped ape so I'm thinking of something fairly light, cheap, and easy to get parts for. What do you all think? I'm very seriously thinking Fox body Mustang but the headers present a serious problem. Kooks makes some for this swap but very pricey at $750 a pair. Ideas?
I'll Have a fox roller soon. Good title and all.
Using the parts for my 65 fastback retro mod



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What car?

How bout a beater 1974 Buick Apollo. . Make that engine look like it's a Buick OEM . Make your own Wildcat/WildApe 400:eek:
Buick Apollo

Here is a pic of a beater 74 Apollo. If you could find a roller in about this shape shouldn't set you back too much. The body style is similar to a Chevrolet Nova, Pontiac Ventura also the last GTO was of this body style with a shakerhood, and Olds Omega. Would make a nice car to drop that 400 in if you can find a roller. Seen a Omega years ago with a W30 455 a torque monster.


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Jason nice Roller

NOW That is really nice that would make a Rat Rod. Don't chop it find parts from here and there like they do on Rat Rods. Got to love those old white-wall slicks and wheels leave them on. That would be the way to go! Fabricate some aluminum buckets that sit low, upholster door panels with serape' material. A RatFink type shifter, a steering wheel and part of the dashboard out off a late 50s Dodge/Plymouth/DeSoto, trick it out with some billet stuff from Mooneyes. i.e front tank, fuzzy dice,lake pipes, Pontiac tri power manifold with 3 deuces etc.etc.
thanks i did alot since that pic channeled the body not chopped im 6'4" zed the rear 8" 55 chevy rear gasser style ladder bars all new lower panels 327 11.5to1 comp ported fuelies th400 sits real low east coast 60s style still have a long way to go built this when i was sixteen working a dennys to fund
Next Chip Foose

You were only 16 Jason when you did that pickup ? That truck is awesome. The coupe is a late 30's something? Has a split rear window like a Willys but the rear side window throws me off whatever it is it's just as cherry as the 1st. Looks like it could be a Buick but the nose isn't long enough. Here's a pickup that looks like some of your work , both wild colors. The Gorilla snot green on your Ford truck is way nicer. Used to love those old Willys gassers would love to have one with a LC2. This ones a 37 the 40-41s were more popular..


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the green one is a 55 ford f100 with sbc and 71 chevelle front clip, orange one is a 37 ford cuope with a 53 mercury flathead with 3x2 5speed