Hawaii Streetcar Shootout??


Hey Guys,
I was just wondering which turbo buicks can we expect to see racing in the shootout on the 24th? Post here!!
I'll Have the car there (assuming it stays in one piece, knock on wood), but I don't think I'm running due to no roll bar and running low on tuning/break in time left.

Hey Les,
Thanks for the offer! Ill give you a call if I need any help. Right now, all I am waiting for are my heads. As soon as I get them back I can put my car together and try to tune it out by the 24th. I havent gotten a roll bar yet though so Ill have to limit the car to 12 second runs by playing with the boost. :cool:
Thanks Paul,
Id like to see my car run at the track with the goods too!! Im sure the other Derrick feels the same. The machinist says he MAY be done with my heads by this Saturday. If it is, my car will be running by Monday!! And Ill probably race the coming Saturday if the heads are done.

Anybody else plan to race or know anybody racing besides those above??? We need more turbo BUICKS!!

We need to gey more guys to run. Paul Giovanetti got us a Turbo six cylinder class "just" for us, even though you think you car will not be fast as mines:D its just for fun! We got 27 guys with Turbo Buick so far at least half of us should run....
BAD NEWS!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Guys,
I just got word from Paul Giovanetti saying if we don't have at least ten turbo buicks, there will be no turbo six cylinder class.

Im just joking. Seriously though, it would be nice to see at least ten of us running!! Im really hoping to get my car together soon so I can participate too but, Im STILL WAITING ON MY HEADS!!!