Head Gasket question

I have a fairly stout bottom end so I'm not cincerend about that I am however concerned about blowing my headgaskets on the Dyno. Now I m looking at possibly getting a set of champion irons and was told by a tenured turbo six racer that you can run 30# of boost all day long with no headgasket problem ( as long as you have proper tune of course) Now first question when people get O-rings put in is that on the block side or the head side or both. Second can they be put in with the assembled shortblock. Third with all the headgaskets out there, I heard a new one has basically O-rings built into it, or cometics, or stock with orings or cometics withorings etc etc. I just wanna be able to make blasts on the dyno to safely say how much power I am running without having headgasket issues. Let me know advice please. Thanks.
Asking about head gaskets is like asking "what oil do y'all use?" Lots of legitimate opinions/advice but very sensitive to the actual application.
Just from reading and reading and reading, I feel the cometics are probably the most durable if you install them properly. They did not work for my 4.1 build and I ended up using FP1000's and a valley pan to block oil from the PCV. RJC gaskets get a lot of votes for durability also.
If your engine is mostly stock I don't think you need to O-ring the heads. Surface preparation and careful installation are your main concerns for success, with a perfect tune, of course.
OK My turn! :)
get the Victors from Napa. Theye were the original Gaskets for our cars & they can take 25-30 lbs easily IF its tuned properly which means No Knock.
Plus, IF something BAD happens then you have a wick at the top & dont blow out the bottom end which is Very Costly. Just one on 10,000 Opinions out there.