head liner

my headliner is just starting to bubble in a couple places and come down. is there anyway to fix this before it gets bad its got three or four quater size spots and one above where my head is the size of maybe a softball. thanks
The quick fix is to have a upholstery shop install a new one. Most of the cost is in the labor and having to work with your hands above your head. If you have a solid roof car expect to pay retail $150 to $200. I suggest if the color is not dead on match get the sun visors redone at the same time. If you have a lited visor mirror that one will cost you a few bucks more.

My point being, outside of using thumb tacks their is no easy fix. Falling headliners in the G body cars is as common as brake problems.



past owner of many Turbo Regals
I redone my headliner myself, I ordered a kit from Jax Seat Cover it's not too bad a job, just gotta be careful removing and putting the board back in as it is fragile, especially in the sunvisor areas.
Had my headliner replaced last week, along with the visors for 130.00 out the door. AMAZED at the difference! Money well spent.