head stud kit for T/A block

Does anyone have a part # for arp head stud kit for a t/a alum block using early champion heads? I remember reading some where the ta block uses a different stud?


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Call TA and ask to talk to Mike. He will know the correct studs to use. I think forcefed3.8's is correct. There are two sets of studs for GN1 heads. Early heads use TA V1132H and late heads use TA V1132I according to their printed catalog. Both are for 14 bolt Stage II blocks. Mike will know for sure which studs to use.


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What is supposed to be the difference in studs for early/late GN1 heads? I have used the same set on first gen GN1R, 3rd gen GN1R, and 4th gen GN1.
Ok I got a set of around studs this morning from TA. Part #v1132j. They look like an ordinary stage II stud set I can't see what's so special about a set for a TA aluminum block?
But I have read on the net about there is a set just for this block?


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If there are 28 studs and the length is correct you have the right ones. Put the heads on the block and see if the studs are long enough but not long enough for the nuts to hit the threads with the washers on the studs. I had to buy two sets of studs for GN1 heads on my 4.1 block and mix and match to get them right. I think you now have the right set with the J suffix.


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The correct head stud to use with a TA block has a bullnose at the end of it. The TA block has blind holes (do not penetrate into the water jacket). Notice the longer thread engagement.

You need to call ARP and order the correct ones.

Billy T.