head torque


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installing champion irons and using arp bolts. can somebody please tell me what to totque them to.im seeing anywere from 60 to 85 pounds. thanks:D
This is from champion for GN1s, I think its the same for the iron heads.

The torque values listed require the use of assembly lube.
Torque value for Short bolts = 65 Ft. Lbs. Torque value for Long Bolts = 75 Ft. Lbs.
Torque all bolts first to 45 Ft. Lbs. Second to 55 Ft. Lbs. Third to 65 Ft. Lbs. Then final torque the long bolts to 75 Ft. Lbs.

Hope this helps.
The torque numbers above sound low, to me. Before GM used the TTY (torque to yield) head bolts, the torque recommended was a flat 80 ft lbs. The ARP bolts are better than the stock ones, so should take more torque.