Headers wanted

I also have a set of never installed knockoff headers. The only issue with them is the crossover pipe is about 1" off from fitting properly. I do have a flex coupling that I was intending to weld into the center of it so it will fit properly. Unfortunately other projects are higher on the to-do list than these. $100 plus shipping.
thanks for the offer and for being honest but i will pass
No i am intending on mid 10s in my T. My philosophy is the less air flow restrictions the better
Real world =
I've been quite a bit faster than your goals on stockers.save your money.
If its burning a hole in your wallet get the ta race headers,they will take you as fast as you want to go
do you have the atr downpipe
Gbodyparts says their 3” DP is designed after the ATR DP, but guys say they don’t fit the best????
The RJC 3” DP is rumored to fit with ATR headers, but would need to be confirmed by someone running it.

I had the Bowling Green Customs 3” wastegate elbow when I installed ATR headers in the early’90’s. I made a 3” mild steel DP to fit because BGC didn’t and went through this dilemma 5 yrs ago when I was looking for a SS DP. I switched back to my stock headers because the Gbodyparts 3.5” DP I got didn’t fit.
Gbodyparts had just switched over to selling the TA Performance 3.5” DP and their sales/ tech guys didn’t know it wouldn’t fit.

Cruz Performance is now making ATR/ KB style headers and should be able to make whatever DP you want if you don’t find one.
I wonder if there would be down pipe issues with those knock offs, I may be interested if the OP isn't. Pics?
There is a fitment issue with the stock style exhaust elbow and 3" downpipe. I fabricated my own DP with a wider elbow.