Heavy Clunk Noise-Rear End- Reverse to Drive


May 24, 2001

I hear a heavy clunk noise, coming from the rear end, wehn I shift to Drive from backing up. Clunk noise SOMETIMES does not occure from Park to Drive. Mostly from Reverse to Drive

What can be causing this?

Thanks in advance.
U-joints would be the first thing that I would look at, and that is only a guess.
it's the "performance clunk"! half of the gn's out there do it. ujoints, play in the pinion to ring gear, transmission, etc. dad's did it from new. if it doesn't get worse, I wouldn't worry about it.

one thing I forgot, there are a bunch of threads about this. try the search feature out sometime, works well.
It is the universal joints. Remember the factory U-joints have a nylon injected snap ring that has to be heated up in order to be removed. Easy job with a torch, but be carefull because if the grease seal are still good when they get hot enough they will kind of explode. Wear eye protection.

take the drive shaft loose from the rear diff. and see if the rear joint can move feely? If the rear one is ok the front one is fine as they are very rare to fail. If they are ok check the back lash on the ring and pinion this is most likely your noise. and also look at the axle stud holes in the drums are they wallowed out from to many 20LB lanches?
My GN does that too. Not the U-joints for me. I put in a brand new DS with Spicer joints and it is as loud as ever.

I am not too worried about it.
So..... what do we do about it if it is the pinion?

Will it hurt anything to leave it alone?