Heelp with front tire

Brocks GN

Sep 5, 2005
When I bought this car (pics in sig) The rear was really jacked up so I bought some stock replacment springs at an auto store. It made a HUGE difference. but when I pulled it out of my garage I noticed that my front left tire was off at an angle /__/ sort of like that looking at it head on. is this beacuse I dropped the car down? is the caster caber off that much kjust for lowering the rear?
:confused: anyone I am scared to drive it but it seems to drive fine. I have to drive it to the alignment shop
I don't see in those pictures what you are describing on your left front.

Do you have some hydraulics or something on your GN? I have never seen one sit that high. That is far from stock ride height, what springs did you buy? General rule for me, when a suspension is altered (for whatever reason) it will never ride the same. If you put the rear back to stock, you should do the front as well (or did you do that too?). If you did the front, there is the answer.

What rims do you plan on using for normal driving? I think I have seen 3 or 4 sets on your car in those photos.

Regardless, if the alignment shop isn't too far driving it shouldn't hurt anything. Maybe make your tires wear funny while you are going there.

Back on line tomorrow!
Sup Brock car looks good. I think I remeber him saying he did switch out the springs and had a issue with getting the car back down again. He stated he got the front lowered but needed to work on the back still. Maybe give him a shout and see what the deal is, (guy you bought the car from).

Sorry can't be more help but still looking forward to hooking up and checking out your new ride.
It looks like previous owner jacked up front and rear to fit the mondo wired wheels, the back even moore than the front. I'd say new springs in the front as well as rear are needed and a good alignment AFTER the front springs, all will be good again.
That's James old car? Front end alignment is all you need. Those big azzed springs that was on it were for the 20's.Thanks for getting the ride hight normal! Make sure you get some good shocks on that. Springs and those baloney skins for tires on the 20's probably ruined them. Congrats and welcome to the community!
Yup, car doesn't look so dumb anymore. Told him the springs are the ones I got off of Ebay. All I know is they were a lot lower than the originals in the garage. Anyone want some 4x4 GN springs? :eek: