Hello everyone "new guy here" with a 1985 GN


Just recently purchased a 85 grand national in California. Currently still in Afghanistan so I haven't even seen it yet, wife actually went and picked it up for me. I'm sure I'll have tons of questions for all you guys and please bare with me if some sound stupid. I'm a big chevy guy and have been into small blocks and g bodies all my life so I'm not new around these bodies just new to the v6 turbo scene.
As far as I know the car has been messed with some. I know the guy has done a electric fan upgrade and threw in a 87 ECM with the sale. Not sure what else has been done. I know it doesn't pass smog but was said because of the lack of cat. Also know that the digital speedo is non op. Lights up but doesn't show speed or any other signs of life.
I will first be trying to get the front end back to stock appearance and have already ordered a few things from nos4gn. Will also be trying to get the interior back to stock form. Have a little leak in the tranny so will soon be taking care of that.
my goal here is to have a good daily driver that will be dependable. I'm not trying to make 450hp (have a c10 with a 383 for the fun times and a bmw 750 for outright comfort) just looking to make some upgrades like a alky kit and maybe install that 87 ECM. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the book guys. Just excited.
Also desperately looking for AC parts(hoses and compressor) if anybody can steer me in the right direction.
Congrats! Nice looking car brother! What general area you live in? Check out the Southwest section on here too. Lots of gyus around, and if you are home by June 1st, Buicks at Bates is the place to be!

Be safe over there.
Nice ride bro! Welcome to the forum. You can get a hold of Intercooled88s he is a vendor here and might be able to help you with the a/c parts.
Stay safe brother!
Thank guys I'm in Northern San Diego/ riverside area. Won't be home till July time frame for vacation. But thanks
x2 on gsgnnut!! Thank u for serving our country!!! A good piece of advice that was told to me when I joined this sight last year was patience and read read read! Tons of info on here if u look. Nice score on ur GN it looks really good. Good luck and be safe over there. Steve
Thanks guys. I am prior military out here as a contractor. Do not want to take anything away from the guys out here wearing a uniform. Even though I took mine off not to long ago.
Ok time to start this project. I know its running good but want to start collecting parts to benefit the car in the long run. Don't really have a budget as of now so time will tell. I understand and read all the "oh my god money comments" and I'm not shy from spending money where it needs to be spent. First in line will be the transmission. Any good shops anyone know of around Southern California? Second is I hear a t33 is a great place to go with more boost. Also alcohol injection, ECM. And chip along with injectors. Any idea. Plan on ordering the Casper nos engine harness to clean it up and fix any previous owners faults due to wiring issues. Car has a racetronix fuel pump and hot wire. And a intake and cone filter. So where to begin. A good engine rebuild? Just want to start fresh and not have to worry along the way. Not looking into time slips or breaking any magical horse power numbers, just want a well performing engine that goes fast and safe when I step on it.