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Hi All, Owned a 70 Buick GS 455 in my teenage years, back when no one but Kenne Bell supported Buicks. Just purchased an all stock 84 T-Type ....always admired the GN turbo Buick's and stumbled into a t-type (didn't even know they existed) so it's a bucket list car I suppose. I Know why not a 86/87 - apparently I'm not that lucky with my bargains. Besides, I can't take the easy road, I hate crowds. One bright note is they sell E85 at the local gas station so thinking Flexifuel and a SD2 chip. Already added a posi (had aluminum drums - so cool), new fuel pump, speedo cable. Only making 4 lbs of boost until I improved the airflow through the Cat now it makes too much boost (like that's possible - ha ha). The boost gauge inside the car isn't working currently ( first bar flickers - hooked up a mech gauge to get a reading), I'm assuming the led gauge is supposed to be getting an electrical signal from the MAP sensor. Would also assume this would let my boost run wild if said signal wasn't being sent from the MAP? So much to figure out, but that's the fun part for me - Hoping to meet up with anyone from around the Kansas City area. I'm sure I'll be banished to the Hotair section now, but it was nice saying hello to everyone :geek:

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Welcome to the site an great find. she is one sexy T.

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Welcome to the site . If you can , come out to Bowling Green , Oct 23 - 26 . There will be a lot of Buicks there and a good time .
Welcome aboard. Don't worry about how fast it is, still a fun cool car to drive. Lots of people will talk to you at the gas station. Just get the feel of it for now and do minor fixes that "need" to be done and nice buy.
Thanks All - Plan on getting to Bowling Green this year. Hoping a couple of Hotair cars show up so I can learn a few things ;)
If you spot a WH1 with " I BOOSTN " NY plates that's me , stop and say Hi .