HELP How to remove the mini spool?


Dec 9, 2010
New to the site. Have gotten tons of support. Thanks
For all who saw my previous post, the car is not burning oil! Thanks
Car I bought has a mini spool. Need to get it removed.
Is there any way to remove it without having to take the whole rear out and re-building. Thinking whoever had it was going to race the car. Not really driveable the way it is now, with the mini spool n all.
You will need to remove the center section (carrier) and remove the mini-spool. If you want an open differential (non-posi) you can replace the mini-spool with spidergears and cross shaft. If you want a posi, you will have to remove the open carrier that the spool is in abd replace it with a new center section. Eaton makes a great posi unit. By an installation kit and replace the ring gear bolts (reverse thread by the way) an then set the back lash to around .008" (measure backlash prior to tear-down and set it back up to that dimension). Pretty straight forward with above average wrenching skills. Basic hand tools and a magnetic base dial indicator. Mag base indicators are avilable from Harbor Freight for cheap, and it'll work just fine for this application.
you could also remove the mini spool and put in one of those locker units (forget what they are called right off hand) without even dropping the carrier out of the rear end housing.

just to make sure we are all on the same page, are you sure it has a mini spool and not a full spool or even welded spider gears?