Help..idles rough, drains battery, MAL 34

Tom Tom Turbo

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I don't know what this thing's major malfunction is....

The car barely starts and then once it gets running, it idles rough and throws code 34 on the scan master, while the SES light comes on. It has a brand new LS1 MAF from Full Throttle and I have checked it with another LS1 MAF. It usually takes about 20 sec. for the SES light to come on. As of lately, it seems that if I don't drive the car for a few days, the battery goes dead and it needs to be jumped. The alternator is about 3 months old. Sometimes, the car starts and runs perfectly all day...I'm so confused :confused:
Sounds like a maybe a bad diode in the altenator. What was the last thing you replaced on the car? The MAF or alt?
alternator has been on the car for 3 months, while the MAF has only been there a week or so. The car ran awesome when I installed the MAF, but the next time I went to drive it, the car sucked.
unplugged the MAF and then re-installed the SES light goes away, but the MAL code 34 still comes up on scanmaster, but the car drives okay. Could it be the ECU or the translator box?
The code wont go away on the scanmaster unless you pull the ECU power wire. If the SES light is off and its running fine, fuggetaboutit.
I got a code 34 when I installed my new cam sensor, but it probably had something to do with forgetting to plug my MAF back in. :biggrin: