HELP! Main bearing problem?


Oct 30, 2006
Hello everyone, I recently had some work done to my block and crank by someone inexperienced with Buick motors. As it was said in these forums, the guy tried to talk me into BIGGER clearances in the rods and mains but, after reading here, I insisted on 1.5 rods and 2 on mains. The guy had to do the 'line bore', three times to get everything straight. After the first time of nothing fitting correctly with low oil pressures, I contacted a much more reputable builder to recheck the work of the first, to make along tory short, I've finally got a stright .010/.010 crank with re-sized rods for the 1.5 thou clearance, the line bore is straight but, I only have 1 thou clearance on the mains. The guy checking everything recommended 9 under bearrings to gain the needed clearance but he can't find any. Are they availible or am I going to have to have the crank polished to remove one thou? Thanks for any and all replies, John Lynn:biggrin:

That's exactly what my machinist said this morning. (not the one that screwed everything up). Only, he now wants to recheck main bearing journals in the block. I'll be getting the specs to him tonight. thanks for your reply. John Lynn:D