help me choose some parts for my engine build


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ok this is the deal, i have to aske the experts. i am looking for a cam for my motor build up. i am wondering about a 206 comp cam or the speed pro 206/214(not sure if this is right?) this is what i have:
.020 sg1 block w billit caps/girdle
gn1 heads(not ported newest batch) td rollers
match ported intake manifold
jj ported t body/upper
terry houston headers/ downpipe(w cat)
stage 4 turbonetics turbo(soon a te45)
42lbs injecters(will use for easy break in then up we go)
i am kinda open about the trans/ converter combo, as i am planning to have it built for this engine.
what i am looking for is an emissions legal(im 240) 475-525 hp and 500lbs torque without a ton of boost(less than 23-25lbs)
so give me the skinny on your tricks, thanks nick
Had what you are talking of and sold it recently. I went 11.5@118 on 19.5 PSI on pump gas RA-93. I had a 9" AC, 55's, T63E, built motor with 218/218 cam and V2 FM. With the 45, GN1's, 3400 stall, 55's or bigger, Max-Effort, FM it will do it. You don't need a 218 IMO to get there though. I have the 204/214 going in the new motor I am putting together but if you stay in the Comp Cams line the 212/212 is a better choice IMO.
my main concern i the emissions

what is this 204/214 cam supposed to bring to the table? i am worried about a lopey idle
From reports the 204/214 idles like a stocker. Actually my friends 212/212 is barely detectable. The 218/218 had a lope so if you stay in the 210 range it isn't detectable and emissions in this range is also better-hence my more friendly motor build!
with all the other good parts you have, don't cheap out on the cam....get a (billet) roller, grind of your choice.......206,212, 214 likes to idle at 1000, but no other downside

get Bruce's billet parts for your trans

I like my Precision l/u, but the 9/11 seems reliable also
yea 204-214 is great idles fine vacuum gauge reports 15" at idle in part and with stock converter it was showing 12-13" at idle in gear still gets 24-25 mpg with mostly highway and a little around town on that test.

only time you can tell it has a cam in it is when its dead cold on first fire up for the day you can just slightly hear it.

awsome drivability and power is were it really shines..especially high gear ...:eek: