My 109 stroker build and over all car update

Well I would like to first introduce myself.
My name is Troy and I bought my 86
T-Type in 2012. Its a really good shape driver car, converted to E85. I don't really post alot on here, but I am on the site everyday reading and looking for parts. I started slowly buying parts 2 years ago, and have been slowly installing them as time allows me.
Enough of the boring stuff, let's get to the meat and potatoes

109 stroker engine build on E85
This has not started yet, but hopefully soon
-3 billet caps
-Moldex billet wide journal crank 3.56 stroke
-Molnar H beam rods 6.300
-Champion GN1 heads no porting yet
-Not sure if I will
-Champion race intake, 72mm throttle body. I know I didn't need the intake but I like the way they look and clean up the engine bay.
- Borg Warner S300SX3 6668 turbo
-218/212 roller cam
-Upgrades fuel lines -8 and -6
-SMP 160lb injectors for the corn
-Gee m external gate street headers with Turbo smart external gate
-Car already has 3.5 TA downpipe with a 4" exhaust that I installed a few years ago
-Will be running a Cottons front mount intercooler.
-This will be run with a MS3 engine management system with a new harness

-Umi double adjustable rear lower control arms
-Double adjustable rear Varishock
-H&R rear sway bar
-Baer brakes 6 piston fronts and 4 piston rears.

That is about it for now, I will update this as this build continues to progress
Now for a little car porn

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chris kirk

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Nice..... IMO, I would definitely port the heads. Also, make sure the machine shop you use has experience with these motors. I wouldn't take it to just any machine shop..... If in doubt, ask. There are plenty of very knowledgeable people on this board that can/will give you excellent advise. What pistons and CR are you going to use? By the way, great choice of turbo, too. Good luck with it.

Nick Micale

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Troy, you have an exciting and awesome build with the direction you are going!

Just a comment from my experience, I would have the alum heads ported as it will reduce air flow restriction. Of course, the intake will flow awesome when port matched to the heads.

With your combination of the turbo and your other items, it should be able to make 600+ HP at reasonable boost with under 20 PSI. :)

Good luck and keep us informed with your progress. :)
First, thanks for all the kind words fellas
Second, I am not a mechanic. I do enjoy wrenching on this car and I can do most things but build the motor. Not saying i win any speed awards but i take my time and do it right. Almost anything in my life I will try to do myself and get it done. I atleast know it's done right. I have never built a motor so I won't even try this. I have way to much money invested to get it wrong. I don't have enough to do it twice. I will be having a well known member here be building this for me, just have to get in contact with him again. This project got delayed a bunch. Thought I would be further along but whatever. I have spare everything so I will continue driving the car while this build continues
As for the machine work, his guy has done a bunch of these cars.
Third I had some comments about the trans. I am planning on doing my spare. I know my stock one would last 5 seconds in the car with the new engine . I was gonna ask the Chicago guys if they are still using Jimmys?
If not I will prob send it to Husek and get the converter from him also, and be done.

Forth head porting.
Anybody got a line on a good head porter?
I originally wanted to get them done but can't find a reputable buick guy without sending them 3000 miles away.
I did not get these direct from Champion so never had the chance to have them.port them, and sending them back there is not a option.
Thanks for the comments guys

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You will NOT be disappointed with Dave's build or his converter . Call him , he is very easy to talk to and always answers his phone until about 9pm .
Love the color! I had an '86 T-Type T-Top car that color that I regret selling almost 20 years ago.
Your gonna have fun with that build!
I haven't heard anything of Jimmy lately! He did awesome work and I enjoyed meeting him some years ago when I did. Couldn't believe how quick he did the trans swap.
I haven't heard anything of Jimmy lately! He did awesome work and I enjoyed meeting him some years ago when I did. Couldn't believe how quick he did the trans swap.
Jimmy built my tranny back in 2002 when he was in Mundelein, Illinois. He has since relocated to Union Grove, Wisconsin 847-949-7507. Never had to touch this transmission other than fluid changes.
Well I had a little time this weekend to spend in the garage so I started on the back brakes. Drained the rear end and took the TA cover off. This was my first time removing axles so it took me longer that it should off but I didn't mind. So I removed the pinion shaft bolt, then the pinion shaft was able to slide out. Next I was able to push the axles in towards the pumpkin and expose the c-clips and remove those and the axles slide right out. I then removed the drum brake assembly. I will say the anchor pin bolt kicked my ass. It was froze up. Tried heating it and still nothing. Finally with a long box wrench and BFH and some vice grips I got it to move slowly. After that the next step was to drill out the bottom 2 holes on the axle flange to 3/8". Got that done and temporary mounted the new bracket with 2 bolts so I can make marks for the top 2 holes that had to be drilled out. I got 1 side all torqued to spec and ready to finish. I will finish the other side during the week. Not very exciting but it's something to add

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As others have said already, you have a great build ahead of you. If I had this build, the only thing I would do differently is, sell the Champion Race intake, and get a stock ported lower Champion intake and port the heads, The Race intake is not going to net you any gains over the stock ported one in your application. Stock ported intakes have gone deep into the 8's already. It's merely eye candy at this point. Your biggest gain is going to be who you let tune this setup properly to extract the power.
Thought I would update a little. Well it's been a little slow here, don't have a heated garage.
Block is currently at the machine shop. I did get a few more items crossed off the list . I picked up a billet fuel pump unit with a DW400 pump and AN fittings. Got my heads ported, will attach flow sheet. Also got my Gee M headers ceramic coated.
On a side note if anybody is interested in the Champion intake that I posted at the beginning of this thread it is for sale. I bought it used and the previous owner ported it and now requires the gasket to be cut to work right, he failed to tell me this. PM me if interested, or more details
Sorry if the pictures are to big, lucky I can even post them

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