My 109 stroker build and over all car update


Jun 24, 2017
Thought I would update a little. Well it's been a little slow here, don't have a heated garage.
Block is currently at the machine shop. I did get a few more items crossed off the list . I picked up a billet fuel pump unit with a DW400 pump and AN fittings. Got my heads ported, will attach flow sheet. Also got my Gee M headers ceramic coated.
On a side note if anybody is interested in the Champion intake that I posted at the beginning of this thread it is for sale. I bought it used and the previous owner ported it and now requires the gasket to be cut to work right, he failed to tell me this. PM me if interested, or more details
Sorry if the pictures are to big, lucky I can even post themView attachment 335299View attachment 335300View attachment 335301View attachment 335302View attachment 335303

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