Help me NAME THAT TURBO!!! ---


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Apr 2, 2009
I got this turbo and was told its like a TE-44 but its a TURBONETICS. I searched TURBONETICS te-44 with no results.

There is a sticker that says "turbonetics T-14980" and I think it says A/R .63.

The exhaust housing says "20240" and on the back of the compressor housing it says "30432 e-60".

This came off an lc2 swap. Any info is appreciated, thanks :) ---


So it is a 44 ... awesome, what supporting mods should I run with it?

I have 50lb injectors, edelbrock RPM cam, and an alky kit.

Should I just upgrade to a 2800 to 3000 stall? Will it bolt up and work with the stock downpipe? THANKS !!! ---
Current Mods Are OK

TE 44 is a step up from stock

Some people go TE 44, some to TA 49

This is an exact swap turbo which will work with the stock downpipe & intercooler

A 2800 stall convertor would be great (thinking ahead to future mods), but not really necessary for a 44

50 lb injectors, a good TT chip, Alky, 2800 Stall Convertor, slightly better cam, good valve springs, Adj, Fuel Pressure Regulator, turn up the boost (but check for knock), a good scan tool, get some sticky tires for the track, uncap the exhaust (exhaust cutout) and depending upon how high you crank the boost and how hard you launch the car, you should see some mid to high 11's pretty easy.

Running 22-24 lbs of boost with a higher timing chip, a better intercooler, cooler plugs, a linelock for the front brakes, better downpipe, and you may see some low 11's

Some people have gotten into the 10's (in a GN) with similar setups but you really have to spin up the boost

Hard on the components, but great for the sh*t eating grin factor

Good luck

What is the exhaust diameter for the stock setup? I want to buy an electric cutout ... but I am not sure if the size I am looking for is 2.5" , 2.75", or 3" .

Do I put it between the wastegate on the down pipe, and the cat? Thanks :) ---
You have to have a cutout to have an electric cutout.

Not to be rude, but you need to read and research more before modding...

I have searched and honestly I have been told the stock diameter pipe is 2.5 to 3". I need an exact answer before purchasing parts.

I understand the way a cutout works.... I am just not sure where to place it in the setup of our car. I know it goes before the cat, but I searched and someone said they attached it to their downpipe. I also saw someone replace their cat with one.

I want to run a cat. ---
You can't run a cat and cutout at the same time without a "jersey" style DP or some custom welding.

2.5" is stock.

Electric Exhaust Cutout

Most GN folks remove the CAT and install the cutout where the cat used to be.

Problem then is it is easy for the Police to look under the car and see that you have no CAT

Electric cutout is great

No laying on the ground to take off the cap

You can go from quiet and non-threatening to a loud, "don't mess with me rumble", in about 3 seconds time with the luxury of a momentary toggle switch mounted on your center console

Then if you see the Police, you shut the cutout and slide right on by

TTA #345 has a 2 inch by 4 inch plate welded at the base of the downpipe right before the flex joint

It looks like the former owner had the angled arm of a cut out welded there to allow the use of a cutout but still retain the CAT

Unless this cutout section is removeable, it may interfere with you pulling your downpipe up and out of the engine bay

You also have to be careful about how low the electric exhaust cutout motor hangs down below the car or you may find yourself scrapping it off (thanks for the $150.00 donation) going over a bad speedbump

An open cutout, and a 2800 stall convertor took my 1st GN from a 12.1 sec. quarter mile to an 11.8 with no other changes

Always use a scan tool and check for proper fueling when opening up the exhaust. Some folks pick up 2-4 psi boost just from opening up the cutout (depends upon your build)

I give an electric exhaust cutout 2 thumbs up !

Good luck
Awesome read!!! I was about to ditch the idea but now I think I will do what it takes :) .

When using a cutout do you have to worry about boost spikes from no backpressure? ---
Awesome read!!! I was about to ditch the idea but now I think I will do what it takes :) .

When using a cutout do you have to worry about boost spikes from no backpressure? ---

If your exhaust past that point is crappy, yes. I have a 3" ATR and see no change. A stock exhaust probably would.