HELP! - My brake pedal is moving side to side


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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone here had this problem before. My brake pedal is moving side to side and I'm worried about driving it. It is moving a lot and I have never seen this issue before with prior regals. I looked under the dash and it is really hard to see anything that would be causing this. Before I rip the whole dash apart, I was wondering if anyone has seen this before or has a solution.

Thanks Turbo Team in advance!
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My guess is your probably missing the plastic bushings in the sleeve at the top pivot bolt for the pedal. It's probably very hard to see in the car but that's where I would start. You can see the white plastic ends of them in this pic.


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youll need to remove the pedal
take out the bolt they goes through the top (5/8 offset box and an 11/16 gear wrench make it easier )
then remove the brake booster rod clip and slide the rod off
slide the pedal down and out , replace the plastic bushing sleeves and then reinstall

youll also want to disconnect battery or disconnect the brake switch by the pedal because while you have the pedal out the brake lamps will be on

bushings are available through most chain stores and probably amazon..
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Consider yourself very lucky it's only bushings....I was in my '66 Vette at night with my best buddy, with two carloads of my wedding guest guys behind me (was getting married the next day) :grumpy: just outside the DC Armory to see the big car show.....

Engine idling, gear in neutral, waiting for the green green, I pushed in the clutch pedal to put the Vette into 1st gear.....and the whole damn clutch pedal just FELL right onto the floor!:eek:

Still in neutral, I signaled the other guys to go ahead to the show, it's on me anyway. I brought the revs up a little, then put the gear into 1st with a grinding noise, but was able to make the 25 mile trip home with no clutch pedal, shifting without a clutch pedal at just the right rpms.....had to really, REALLY time myself while approaching stoplights!

I should have known that this event was a preview of what a horrible marriage I had ahead of me......I should have dumped off my best buddy and headed to Florida.

Yes, I divorced her later....a very parsimonious one, too......had clutch pedal WELDED in by a racing buddy of mine while I was on our "honeymoon":rolleyes: in Ocean City (a disaster, not even close to a "R" rating, more like a "B-D" rating....bored to death).....Vette was fixed when we got home....was fortunate to have a good buddy like that. Not fortunate with the marriage.....all they ever wanted was my cars, money and a good time......thank God my wife Shirley is FAR from being like that....I only hand over my money!:p

This pedal caper here was a dire warning to me by my Vette, NOT to say "I DO." The Vette warned me....... I didn't listen, and paid dearly.

Child support, very high, 18 years, years of court appearances to answer ridiculous charges by my ex (like a petition NOT to take my little daughter to the bowling alley with me as it will make her deaf!!!!) Yes, that's one of the charges! Many more that you'd only read about in murder mysteries!

Every time I even SEE a clutch or brake pedal, I think of my ex! How I'd like to ram i........I mean, er, excuse me, sorry.......:shifty:

Moral of story.....if your pedal falls, do not make hasty decisions! Fix pedal and live happily ever after with your GN.

(Now that makes no sense whatsoever.....jeez!) I'm not good on being witty here, just relating what I was thinking when I read about your brake pedal being loose.

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