help!!! my windows are messed up!


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May 27, 2001
okay guys.. i was driving about 80mph or so on a really windy day.. all of a suddena huge wind gust hits the car and SUCKS THE WINDOW OUT OF THE TRACK... the little retaining clip was there, and it was up all the way, but the window got sucked out of the little track and it CRACKED the small loop on the back of the window down in the door.... can anyone point me to soemwhere where i can get a replacement.. and also maybe a site that can help me get them adjusted right once io get that fixed.. the biggest problem getting these windows to seal has been the BACK EDGE.. i can get everything right except the back edge, it will never be flush against the weatherstripping.... anyway.. someone let me know. thanks guys!!! :)
LOL i have the same exact problem with my driver side will be all the way up and if i travel over 65 mph on a windy day...the damn thing gets sucked out of the track and i have to slow down and roll it down and back up are NOT a strong point of TRs:rolleyes:
Window adjustment


Kirban's sell a book by Peter Serio that covers all the window and door adjustments for our cars. I paid $19 if I recall correctly.
To get the rear edge to contact the weatherstripping you may have to shim the rear weathersrtipping channel. Very carefully remove the rubber stripping from the channel until you see the Phillips screws (I think there are three) remove them and carefully pull the channel away from the door pillar. Use a hair dryer to speed things up. Then buy 1/4" by 1" closed cell foam from Home Depot use it to shim the channel closer to the window edge.
All this assumes that the door hinges are OK and adjusted correctly. :)