Help, on a warm up glitch


New Member
Jul 22, 2001
Here is the situation. Car starts fine, but on warm up it runs very rich, temps on the EGT's are very low or don't even register. So, I go to the coolent temp Vs enrichment window and pull things down to -8 to -10 percent in the 75 - 120 coolent temp range. Idles great but when you go to dirve it it is way too lean, surges and bogs and does all those typical lean running things technically speaking of course. So what the F do you do? I currently have idle A/F set at 14.7 which semms just fine after warm up. I also run the idle on open loop right now as this gives me a more stable idle. Not a big problem but it sure would be nice to get it dialed in better. Idle VE's are perfect at idle when warm so any ideas?????