Help please Intercooler maybe


Yes hello to every one, I'm looking for a little help I have an 87 GN with 70,000 miles on it. It has a PT52 turbo, ported polished heads & intake (Mike McKeenzy), RJC power plate, SMC alky kit, stock intercooler w/dutt neck, 202 cam, Postons cam I think, not sure if its 202 or not. New four core radiator, still running warm for some reason, fan is working fine, also new thermostat (160) the car only runs hot when I'm in traffic, or stopped for a while, once I get moving cools right off to 160. Anyway help is appreciated with that problem. Let me get back to the real reason I'm here is with this amount of work that I have on my GN I would think that it would be faster then 12.40. I'm running about 19 to 20 lbs of boost safely with no knock any more than it will knock. It has a fresh tranny w/shift kit and stall, no complants there. I also put a set of DRAGLITES with Nitto's and air bags. I'm looking to get a consistant 11.70 car, am I asking to much. What do I need to do to get her there. :eek: :confused: :cool:

Thanks for any info
It will knock with alky at 20 lbs of boost and more?

What timing? How much alky?

I picked up 2 mph by bumping my timing back from 21 to 19 in third. This was with a TT chip.

Try more alky.

I would think that you could get more boost than 20 with your setup. I am running a stock long block and I can run 25 psi with no knock. I know your heads are ported so that removes some of the restriction but I would think you could run more that what you currently are.

What was your MPH on that 12.40 pass? That will let us know if you are making the power to run an 11 second pass or if it's just a traction issue.

For the temp issue, try running a dual fan setup. They are cheap. Under a hundred bucks
What are your 60ft times?

How much boost are you launching with?

What tires? If you are on regular radials, 12.40s isn't bad.
I'm not quiet sure what my 60ft times were but my mph was 109 , I've looked for my time slips but I can't find were I put them. My cars been parked for most of this year, weekend cruises a few fish kills here and there thats about it. I guess if you guys may need some of this info to find out whats going on. I'm sorry, I guess I should get it together. Also I forgot to mention the car has THDP with hooker exhaust 42.5 lbs injectors, not sure what chip is in the car but I ordered for my set up. I have a friend here in Lake Charles LA. that does most of the work on my car (Reggie Semien) don't know if you guys know him or not he ordered my chip and I got a lot of his hand me downs. If the extra parts list helps you smart Buick guys out any. Well thanks again maybe this will help a little. :confused: :eek: :rolleyes: