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ok I have built alot of chevy v8 small blocks but they have always been N/As. so I dont know really anything about turbo engines. So I have a few questions. I first off this motor is not going in a buick it is going in a 1965 GMC van. (ya i know wtf? right) after completing my freinds van with a chevy 406 small block that i built i fell in love with the van so i am building one but want a little better gas mileage. so i had the idea of puting a buick turbo motor in it. So which year is a more reliable street motor, easy to build hp but still get decent gas mileage, and easy to install? and price of motor(i really dont wana stick alot right now into the motor) All info and sugestions are helpfull. Thx
i would recommend an 86-87 as im not too familiar with the 84-85 hot air motors. im sure that there are lots of similar parts. im also sure that brent (boost231) will chime in on this subject and let you know all the info that you could ever want on the hot air motors .check out ebay, there are two complete intercooled engines for sale on there, one is "nos" still in the crate. also i hate to break it to ya but parts for buick motors are more expensive the chevys as there are less of them and less vendors to support them. good luck.

Believe me, you're gonna get sticker shock when you venture outside the realm of Chevy-dom.
Putting a Buick turbo V6 combo into that van sounds like a challenge but a colossal money pit, too.

What would I recommend?
Build a mild 350 and put a small nitrous kit on it.....
350 Chevy's are THE cheapest engines in the world to buy and build.
They're easy to build efficiently.
While driving down the road you'll only be "feeding" 350 torquey cubic inches.
The nitrous will be there only when you need it.
406's are sweet but the 400 blocks are few and far between anymore (there's a virgin 400 stashed in my garage for the future ;) ).

Best of luck!
i know these little motors are expensive but how much are we talkin for just a stock setup? I really want this motor because of how different it is. Cause what would you think when a van takes off from a light you hear a turbo spool up?
its got a inline 6. lol its already out tho. vans in for body and paint now. (alot of custom body work has gone on) its going to be a one off show car/car audio.
yeah ive always been chevy guy too but since i bought this in July...dude im hooked but untill i join the blown headgasket still an outsider around

Anyway by the time you find a doner plus harness plus this and the one post said toss a small block in it, get a turbo and go through the top of the carb or else slap a crate motor in the van, pimp it out , sell it and buy a car from this site in the for sale section.

I just got back from quick spin and wound up next to a real sweet 70&1/2 Z28 and he wouldnt budge when light turned thats kinda fun knowing theres respect out there from those in the know.