help! rear gta rims on rear with 1.25 spacer but rubs fender now cant put back though

HELP! i just completed a 12" brake uppgrade and in the process i lowerd the car a inch with a ebiach kit along with this i got a set of spacers to put my gta rims on rear on rear front on front but now they catch the inside lip of the fender pritty good the spacers are inch and a quarter is there anything i can do i cant put them on the front agin because now with the 12 inch bake uppgrade they dont fit in the front anymore either i think these are bigger then normal ones i havent mesured though helpppppppppppppp if anyone has a idea i need asap :T:confused:
If I understand correctly what you're doing, you need different spacers because the B body spindles are about 1/2" wider than the stock spindles. If that's not the problem you might add a rubber spacer under the coil springs to bring the ride height back up and increase fender clearance. You can get them from Global West.HTH

the problem is in the rear im not even going to touch the front there mint with the gta fronts on the frotn its just the rear :T i was thinking about machineing down the aluminum spacer i have now to gain some backspaceign
i had it that way before the brake upgrade front on rear rear on front but now with the brake uppgrade its no space it hits the fender on the front now just like the back :T
Take a grinder and take some of the lip off or buy some more hi priced spacers and sell the ones you have. If not much contact, get some plastic door edge guard and insert in on the sharp lip. That'll protect your tire from being cut. Keep tire dressing on your tire to lubricate the face.
what size tire are you running, you're rubbing in the back??? I'm actually in the process of doing the same thing, but I'm running a 1" spacer with 245's out back....I may be able to get away with 255's but I didn't want to risk it. By the way....dont the TA rears look funny out front? Most rwd cars I've seen have the deeper dish out back.....
i hated the way the looked out front they look doofy to me the 1 inch spacer with 245s i think would do the trick i think im just going to just bite the bullet and buy a new set of rims since i couldent find 2 more fronts . a set of torque thrust 2s would be nice eh i wish this worked